This site

Right now my project-time is being spent mostly on getting this site up and presentable. It runs on...

  • A tiny droplet in the cloud, hosted by Digital Ocean
  • The latest version of the Ghost blogging platform
  • Sohini, a Ghost theme I adapted from the default Casper theme to eliminate some of the things I dislike most about modern web publishing

No Goblins Allowed

I am the primary/only developer working on No Goblins Allowed, a site for discussion of Magic: the Gathering, D&D, and other fantasy gaming things. The community has grown rather sizable in the two-odd years since we started, with over 2500 users and 400000 forum posts, and we host what is likely the most talented group of hobbyist Magic card designers and fanfic writers on the Internet.

Tech-wise, the site comprises:

  • A heavily customized version of phpbb
  • A custom Wordpress "news" page, which unfortunately has fallen into disrepair due to a lack of interest from writers, editors, and users alike
  • A search engine I developed to easily search over a user-curated set of 6000+ custom M:tG cards. This allowed the creation of "NGA Constructed", a Magic format played entirely using cards designed by NGA users. Sadly I have done rather poorly when participating in NGA Constructed tournaments. :-(
  • All this runs on a moderately-sized VPS hosted at Dreamhost.