Introduction to TPMs

In the past, I've encountered a lot of confusion about what a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is, what one can do, and the set of problems one can solve. This post is intended to be the guide I wished I could point people at for that sort of information. »

Climbing Diga del Luzzone

While traveling in Switzerland last month I had the opportunity to climb the tallest artificial climbing wall in the world: the Diga del Luzzone. »

Smartcards and Windows' Crypto API

It's been a while since I've written anything (oops!), so to try to get into the swing of things I thought I'd talk a bit about something I ran into at work that doesn't really seem to be documented anywhere online: how to work with smartcards using Windows' crypto functions. »

RSA and small exponents

Strong cryptography, including RSA, is a vital component of modern life. However, it's very easy to get wrong, nullifying some or all of the security provided. In this post we'll go over one possible issue, motivated by a puzzle given at a conference I attended recently. »